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Angelica's enthusiasm and love of what she does helps to motivate her clients who train with her. By getting to know her clients including their lifestyles, eating habits and personalities, she then customizes their workout. The style she is most known for is cardio sculpting which involves combination training with weights, medicine ball, fit ball, body weight and increased heart rate for ultimate fat burning and toning. Her fun but challenging training style also encompasses strength training, resistance tubing, pilates matwork, cardio boxing and outdoor cardio training


“When I first stared working with Angelica, I could hardly do a pushup and could only do about 20 bodyweight squats before my legs got all wobbly. Now I can do twenty good pushups, and recently won a free session by doing 300 bodyweight squats in less than ten minutes. When Angelica ties my progress to her pocketbook, I know she cares about my results and has total confidence in her methods."


“I see a lot of other people working out with personal trainers, and they keep doing the same boring exercises over and over again. That never happens with Angelica. Even after two years, I am constantly amazed by how she keeps coming up with new things that I've never seen anyone else do. Try a few sessions with Angelica and you'll see for yourself. I could hire any personal trainer I want. I'm sticking with Angelica.”​
Peter Hunt - Finance Vice President​


“Angelica is the best personal trainer ever! I have hired many fitness trainers over the past thirty years, including some of the highest priced personal trainers in the city. Most of them reminded me of used car salesmen - they were only concerned about their wallets. Angelica really cares about me and my workouts. She is constantly changing my routine to keep it interesting. Working out used to be a chore. Now, I never get bored. I actually look forward to every session. And my progress has been great. I no longer dread getting old, because I know I won't be falling apart the
way many people do. Angelica is a true professional, and I would recommend her to anyone.

Sophie Lisa - Retired Corporate Executive


"I’ve been using Angelica as a Personal Trainer since 2005. She's been an irreplaceable part of my off-season training and consistently gets me the results I’m striving for."


"Angelica's workout program pushed me a lot harder than I would on my own. I feel stronger than I have in years.
Samantha Jones, Project Manager​


"Soccer really works the lower body and cardio, but you also need upper body strength. Angelica was able to create a program that was right just for me."


​"I started with a normal gym trainer last year and it didn't work for me. Then I met Angelica and decided to sign up. So far I've dropped 12 pounds and I can see some definition in my legs and arms. I highly recommend her

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