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About Angelica

Angelica derives equal satisfaction from helping each of her clients meet their health and fitness goals.  She’s helped clients lose weight, decrease inches off their waste, lower bad cholesterol levels.  Her clients have also bounced back to pre-pregnancy weight more toned, increased core stability, strength and cardio endurance



Why? You want to get fitter and healthier and be completely looked after, by a mature, fully qualified professional, using the latest techniques, in the safest and most effective way possible.

You don’t like the idea of joining a public gym or health club,
You’re not getting the results you deserve, from working on your own in the gym 
You have a weight management problem and need motivation, encouragement and a professional plan to guide you safely and effectively to your goal.
You have a medical condition that affects your mobility or daily life 
You just want to become more active and need professional help 
You could be an Athlete or sportsman 
You’re getting married and want to look your best on your special day 
You are a Body Builder 
You may be Pregnant or post natal

            GROUP TRAINING


Fancy training as a couple, with your best friend or some of the lads or girls from work?

You could have a circuit class for two in the gym or the whole family exercising at your home.

How about an interesting aerobic walk in the forest with a group of your friends?


Its good fun, gets you fitter and is an easy way to feel great for the rest of the day.

The more the merrier and as they FITTER!



I'll come to your organization and offer health, fitness and nutrition coaching at a time to suit you, at lunchtime or before or after work, for individuals or groups. 

Perhaps you have a company football team? We can give advice on training methods, strength building and injury prevention – maximizing team potential.

I can also arrange for your employees to come to our gym.

A fitter and healthier workforce leads to minimal absenteeism, greater productivity and fantastic team spirit!

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